Megan Evans
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I'm Megan, a creative specialist creating content for online platforms. I am a passionate writer of websites, blogs, articles and fiction pieces. When I'm not typing away, I love to read, travel, cook and eat! Currently based in Nottingham and Derby. Download my CV here.


Writing and Editing

I currently work on creating content for a range of industries online. I write and edit unique content daily. I know best how to use TOV and site structure to guide a user journey, attract and entertain visitors and draw them towards engaging with a site's purpose.


From my daily role as a copywriter and my experience as a Teacher, I am an expert proofreader. I can quickly and efficiently check over writing for grammar, tone or style mistakes.


Working with client's websites everyday, SEO is a very important aspect. I can structure content to best benefit SEO, conduct keyword research and create unique content to make pieces stand out amongst the ranks.

Creative Writing

Although most of my writing is creative, writing fiction in particular is where I feel my creative side comes out best. I often write fictional pieces in my spare time and completed a creative dissertation for my English degree, writing my first short novel of 12,000 words.


Research is an important part of my job as a writer. When working with a range of clients it's essential I research my content properly as to keep my writing factual and unique.


From my time as a Teacher I have learnt how to communicate with people of all ages and how to engage different audiences. I am confident and comfortable in giving and recieving feedback and working closely with clients and collegues.

Blog Posts

Making Text Accessible for all Users

For visually impaired, dyslexic or autistic users, accessing text online can be difficult. For some it’s as simple as making the font size bigger, but other impaired users may rely on a screen reader to help them browse.

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The day in the life of a Copywriter

I currently work as a Creative Specialist for a tech company, despite the fancy title what I basically do is copywriting. I often get a lot of questions from people not knowing what a copywriter is or does, so I’m here to clear it up!

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  • June 2019 - Present


    I currently work as a Creative Specialist for GoDaddy, writing online content for both 123 Reg and GoDaddy sites. I work with a wide range of industries daily and so research is a large part of my role. I take pride in understanding briefs and delivering to clients exactly what they asked for. I enjoy the challenge of working within a time constraint and not knowing what I will be working on from one day to the next.

  • 2018 - 2019

    University of Derby

    I completed a PGCE with a specialism in English, teaching Functional SKills, GCSE and A Level. The placements I completed largely helped my communcation and presenting skills, as well as my writing skills as I created content to help students succeed.

  • 2015 - 2018

    University of Lincoln

    In 2018 I graduated from the University of Lincoln with a 2:1 in English. I focused the end of my studies on creative writing, finishing my degree with a creative dissertation. I gained skills in all areas of writing, editing and proofreading which led me into my career.

  • 2008 - 2015

    Ashlawn School

    I attended Ashlawn School in Rugby for my secondary education through to the completion of my A-levels in 2015. I finished with A-levels in English Literature, IT and Media Studies, as well as an AS-Level in Psychology.